Issue #24 – Pedal Power

Circles had the privilege of talking with the
guys over at Vault Bicycle shop. The shop,
owned by Mike Skoy, caters to adult riders
with disabilities. They have been open for justjuan interviewing
over a year. They mostly sell Mountain and
BMX bikes, however the large part of their
business comes from custom orders. Chris,
who manages the shop, told us their most
popular request is for recumbent bicycles.
Recumbent bikes are designed to recline for
the riders comfort. Chris tells us that this type is helpful
for riders with back and knee problems as well.

Recumbent bikes come in two types, two or three
wheels. The price for a custom gem starts around 199
and go as high as 3,000 dollars. Depending on demand
they usually crank out 5 to 20 bikes per week. After a
brief tour, Chris spent some one on one time with us. We asked what motivated him
to get into the bicycle business, specifically for disabled adults. His answer was plain
and simple. “I’ve been riding bikes since I was a kid. I guess you could say I just love
to ride” In fact the shop’s unofficial motto is
“Enjoy the ride”. Chris continued, saying thatbackground
demand for electric bicycles is increasing.

Rider’s also have the option of two-seater or
tandem bicycles. These choices, along with tire
size and pressure are some of the options riders
have for an easier smoother ride. Our visit with
Chris was an enjoyable and learning experience.
He sent us on our way with a few souvenirs.

Water bottles, bike shaped key-chains, and
stickers capped off our afternoon. If you’d like
to pay the guys at Vault a visit, they’re locatedbikes in shop
at 7575 Norman Rockwell lane, Las Vegas, NV.
Or give them a call at (702) 830-9091.

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