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a long long time ago in a movie review far far away

Darth ColoredThe first order has risen and threatens to take over the galaxy. Newcomers Rey and Finn team up in their search to find the last remaining Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker. Along the way they join forces with a much needed ally Hans Solo. The plot was very interesting. It had a lot of action and adventure The music, by original composer John Williams, kept pace as the action unfolded. We also liked the costumes, the were a perfect match for this futuristic theme. But by far the best part had to be the light saber battle between Kylo Ren and Rey.In the film we are surprised to find that Princess Leia and Han Solo have a son who turns out to be Kylo Ren, who had been lured over to the dark side and was the prodigy of Darth Vader. Whether you are a first timer or a long time fan, this movie is a definite must see 2 thumbs up great flick lots of action Sci-Fi


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