This wrap around bracelet has some bling to it and it’s fun to make.
Great project to do by yourself or if your daughter has a slumber party
and want something to do. This also makes for a good gift idea for

Supplies needed:Supplies
1/4 or 3/8″ ribbon (enough to wrap wrist 3 to 4 times)
Plastic trim with crystals (on a spool)
Thread (match the ribbon)
1″ piece of cord elastic
Any type button (or crystal beads)

1. Measure the ribbon by wrapping around wrist 3 to 4 times and
measure the plastic trim with crystals by laying on top of ribbon.
2. Attach the trim to the ribbon by sewing it on.
3. Sew on the elastic cord to the back of the ribbon at one end.
4. Sew on button of choice onto the opposite end of ribbon.
5. Wrap bracelet onto wrist and fasten together and enjoy your

Wrap 1Wrap 2

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