Issue #22 – Sweeeeeeeet Gaming

Candy Crush Saga:

It relates to sweets by matching each of the same candy and to earn the
highest score, match 4 or 5 pairs of the same candy to create the crush (What’s the crush?
It’s not a girl nor a boy) It’s simply the candy combinations that goes on through the whole
gameplay. Riccardo Zacconi, created the King Digital Entertainment, but before Mr. Zacconi
made Candy Crush Saga, he had made Candy Crush (Original) in Aug. 2013. The only reason
why Candy Crush Saga is so fun, is due to the fact that it’s an addictive puzzle game.
Literally, full of candy that you are able to match, then crush “aka Candy Combos”. Reasons,
as to why the game is addictive, is because of: Slow and Steady Pace, Engrossing Simplicity,
“Freemium” Model and The right type of difficulty. At the start, the boards are fairly
straightforward and the object is to score a maximum number of points, play consists of
matching 3 or more candies of the same color by simply switching them around.



The greatest of all Candy games has been played for decades and is still enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages

Cookie Jam:

Cookie Jam, is somewhat related
to Candy Crush Saga, but you’ve upgraded
to “Playing with Cookies.” Cookie Jam is
related to sweets by honestly matching any
colored cookie to the same colored cookie.


Cut the Rope:

Cut the Rope, is somewhat related to Cookie Jam, but you’re not matching
candy or cookies anymore. During this game, you have a mint throughout all of the levels,
but in order to feed it to your little green creature named “Om Nom”, you’ve got to cut the
ropes in order to feed him. ZeptoLab, founded by Russian self-taught twins named Efim and
Semyon Voinov, and had made popular games such as Parachute Ninjas, Cut the Rope, Pudding
Monsters and King of Thieves for Android, IOS (Apple), Windows and other platforms/
devices. In each level, you need to send the mint over to Om Nom using the swipe of your
fingers to cut the ropes to cut various objects.


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