Issue #22 – Painting With The Rainbow

bag of skittles


When you think about painting, you don’t think about painting with candy. The Circles team
has come up with a creative idea to paint with Skittles candy.
After you’ve bought a huge bag of skittles, sort out all of your colors of the candy
into separate bowls


Add COLD water (Not Hot) to the skittles barely covering the skittles. So, this way, it’ll be brighter.
Stir until all color is off the skittles. Draw a picture onto a large white paper board (i.e. leprechaun, gummy bear…)
Dip a paint brush into your skittles paint bowl, then start painting away. Make sure you stay within the
Now, have fun with your painting. Make sure you sign it, to let others know you created your masterpiece.


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