Diabeticdiemma-imagediabetic delight window 300 ppiSugar in candy is about as far as you can go to put a high amount of sugar in the body and how it affects the endocrine system is what this article will discuss. Like all sugars processed by the body (including Carbohydrates) the pancreas is responsible for converting the glucose created by them into energy that the body needs, however in those among us that have problems converting it to energy
due to a low or non-existent insulin count, have a higher amount of sugar in the blood which is called diabetes. There are several forms of this debilitating metabolism disorder which are multiplied by the amount of sugar and carbohydrates we intake.cakes and pies 300dpi
Sweets are probably the most crippling of them all, however, it’s been widely known that the sweet tooth is a powerful thing and some cannot resist the sweet sensation from a pie, cake, donut or candy and it’s a neverending struggle.
We at Circles Magazine have went out into Las Vegas to find the best low and no sugar treats for those with this disorder and we came across Mrs. Williams Diabetic Delights located at 3466 S. Decatur Blvd., Juan “Pepe” Medina is the owner for the past year. He took over for Mrs. Williams when she retired and now runs the place, although Mrs. Williams comes by from time to time to
help out. The store has been in business for 25 years.sugar free pop rocks
Juan was gracious to us and answered all of our questions about the delicious confections he has in his cases and offered us samples to taste . He has been there the whole time the place has been open making and developing the flavors and recipes. Their biggest sellers are the strawberry and raspberry delights. Juan says that some of the sweeteners that are used in the confections are stevia and low carb sweeteners, truvia, and agave. They have a variety of candies, cookies, cakes, pies and muffins that are sugar free.

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