When you have someone special in your life, would you really want to go out and buy an empty heart
box? Circles Magazine decided to create something that is inexpensive to make. You can fill it with any
type of candy. (i.e. chocolate, white chocolate, etc.) You can normally buy these items either at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels.

Supplies:items-needed2finished product
• Glittered Paper
• Lace Trimmings
• Satin
• Heart Shaped Box
• Embellishments

• Hot Glue Gun
• Tuile

1. Create a stencil on glitter paper using heart box. Cut out stencil and hot glue onto box.
2. Measure lace trimmings and decorate box by gluing it to heart box.
3. Create a stencil using heart box on satin for the interior. Cut out the pieces and hot glue to the insides of the box.
4. Use embellishments to decorate the interior.
5. Cut out a piece of tuile and anchor it inside of the heart box with hot glue.
6. Then, put everything together to create your very own heart box for your sweetheart.

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