Carnivals are full of lights, sounds and excitement. One of the best things about carnival sweets is that they typically involve some sort of flavor combination. If you have a sweet tooth, a carnival is the place to go. If you go to a carnival just for the treats, try some of these carnival delights below.
Some of the common carnival sweets you can find are flavored popcorn such as caramel, chocolate,
cheese, kettle corn, and plain. They are prepared in all kinds of ways.Popcorn
Another popular item you can find during the summer time at carnivals are Snow Cones. Snow Cones come in different flavors such as strawberry, banana, orange, blueberry, lime, and coconut to name a few.


The Pre-Lenten festivities known as carnivals began in Italy in the 1400’s, where pagan rituals related to fertility were adapted to the predominant catholic tradition. The tradition spread quickly
among catholic countries in Europe and was eventually adopted in the Americas. Sweets play
an extremely important role in carnivals. Be sure to keep your eyes open for these tasty carnival sweets the next time you are there.


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