Issue #22 – Decorating Cakes and Cupcakes



When it comes to making delicious Cakes and Cupcakes “LOOK DELICIOUS” nobody does it better than experienced Cake Designers. Lucky for us at Circles, we were  able to catch up with Liz and Marie of “My Sis Sweet Cakes” – Cake Design of Las Vegas to show us how it’s done. Liz & Marie are the brains and brawn behind the 10 year old Delicious Design company and they love what they do. People-3

Cake-2Circles magazine learned about making the perfect icing, working with fondant, being patient, working hard and most of all HAVE FUN! designing… but the hardest lesson of them all was avoiding the TASTY TEMPTATION of eating while you work! Thank you Liz and Marie for giving Circles
time out of your super busy schedules! Cupcakes

For more information about Deliciousness! feel free to contact Liz & Marie and don’t forget to bring your Sweet Tooth with you.


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