Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the world’s truly notable holidays. Shoppers all over the U.S. are hungry for outrageous mark downs and incredible deals. The Circles team has created some do’s
and don’ts to prepare you for the massive friday



1. You have to be early bird to get a good spot in friday cyber monday
2. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather
3. Map out your route a day before.
4. Do price comparisons to other stores.
5. Recruit a Shopping Buddy.cyber monday
6. Create a List.
7. Have time management.
8. Go to different websites to get different information on prices.
9. Sent your alarm a day before you have to go to the store.
10. Bring a chair if you get to tired of standing at the store.Deals

1. Don’t bring young children
2. Don’t bring weapons to a store
3. Don’t forget your wallet call ahead
4. Don’t waste Gas
5. Don’t Take Your Daily Wallet
6. Don’t forget your informationBF CM
7. Don’t forget plenty of water
8. Don’t forget sunscreen
9. Don’t forget to get plenty of rest before you have to go to the store
10. Don’t forget to eat something for you go to the store

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