Gift wrapping for any occasion is fun
and can keep the family busy for a
while, whether you are wrapping a
birthday gift or a holiday gift creativity
is the key. The Circles Magazine crew
got together and put together a simple
guide to wrapping your present.

Items needed

What you need: A sharp pair of scissors, transparent tape,
wrapping paper and ribbon (optional).

Step 1

Step 1: Lay wrapping paper out on flat surface and unroll a generous amount to be sure you have enough to wrap entire package.

Step 2
Step 2: Place package in the center of the wrapping paper and fold wrapping paper over and tape
to the center of the package, pull paper tight to the edges.

Step 3
Step 3: Wrap paper all the way around package and tape end of paper to package.

Step 4aStep 4bStep 4c
Step 4: The ends of the wrapping paper will be open, take one side and fold inward holding it against the flat side of the package, gently crease the folds so they form a diagonal shaped flap, repeat on the other side. This will form a
triangle shaped flap on the top and bottom.

Step 5aStep 5bStep 5c
Step 5: Fold top flap down to the bottom and put a crease along excess wrapping paper, trim along that crease then fold and tape down, repeat with bottom flap and on other side.

Step 6aStep 6bStep 6cStep 6d

Step 6: Attach ribbon, bows, decorations, cards or labels. Use your imagination to create a stunning design of your own.

finished product


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