Circles Magazine Wanted to know what holidays people celebrate and how its celebrate them, so we took a short poll to find out here are the results. We asked Austin Green Brandy Yaklin and Sarina Stern for.

what holidays do you celebrate and how you celebrate it?



Austin: Hannukah,I Wear a Yamulka/kippiah light the menorah and we say the hannukah prayer.

Brandy: birthday, Valentine’s Day Chirstmas and thanksgiving with my Grandma

Sarina: I celebrate Hannukah , I Celebrate it by lighting candles ont he menorah using the shamash {the candles used to light the other candles} and we get presents.

What is your best holiday memory that you had growing up

Austin: Putting up the light and setting up hannaukah bush

Brandy: Chirstmas,becasue i get to celebrate it with my family.

Sarina: Actually it is recent memory, it was getting a plush of my favorite character Bill Cipher

What are your family traditions for the Holidays?

Austin: My family and i just light the menorah ans say the Hannuka prayer

Brandy: i go out to dinner with my family and watch movies at my grandma’s house.

Sarina: We us

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