Equipment • Round Mirror
• 3 inch to 11 inch round
• Paper Towel
• Scissors or Diagonal
• Hot Glue Gun
• Painter’s Tape
• Newspaper
• Silver Spray PaintStep 1AStep 1B

Step 1: Start by removing any stickers or labels from the mirror. Changing up the lengths of the dowels creates a brilliant design oryou can stick with keeping the sticks at the same length. If you do plan on keeping the sticks at different lengths, try to cut several dowels so you’ve got a pile before you start gluing.Step 2AStep 2B

Step 2: Place a paper towel over your workspace and flip the mirror over so it won’t get scratched. Place the wooden dowels about aninch into the mirror, away from the edge. Randomly place your dowels onto an order of sequence of your choice. Continue to fill in the open spaces around the outside edge until there’s no more room.Step 3AStep 3B

Step 3: When you’re done with the dowels, cover the front of the mirror with painters tape, making sure it’s completely supported.Step 4

Step 4: Take the starburst mirror outdoors, cover your work area withnewspaper, boxes, or with anything that can keep your work areaclean and spray the wooden dowels with paint. Once dry, flip and spray with another coat. Touch up as needed.Step 5AStep 5B

Step 5: Carefully remove the tape and flip the mirror over. If you’ve covered the mirror hanger, simply attach a soda can pop top to the back with a big blob of hot glue.Step 6

Step 6: You’re set! Find the perfect spot to hang and display your new D.I.Y. starburst mirror!

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