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Las Vegas is usually a city synonymous with heat, but it does get nice and cool during our winters. That being said we appreciate our winters and really know how to celebrate them. Our Circles team has chosen some restaurants you can try out during the holidays, and though there are many to choose from, we have decided to cover: Café Bellagio, Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak, and Nine Fine Irishmen. We feel that though these restaurants are a little pricy, the Holiday are a time have a little more fun, and spend a little bit extra on a memorable night on the delicacies of fine dining.20150918_145519

Café Bellagio can be found in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, which can be found on Las Vegas Boulevard. Conveniently enough this restaurant is open 24 hours, so if you had a wild holiday night and wanted something tasty to eat, this would be a great stop for your night out. So, what makes Café Bellagio extravagant? The chefs that cook amazing new levels of the Old World food. Sure, you get modern day foods, like steak and hamburgers; but you also get Mediterranean-style chicken, and fine wine. Found close to the botanical gardens, aromatic smells waft over and accentuate the entire experience. Your romantic date has never been this classy, or marvelous! From morning to dusk, you’ll have more love with Café Bellagio. Check this place out today, and let the extraordinary scenery be amazing and its authentic food water down your mouth. Relax in comfort, and most of all, have lots of love and fun with its glorious Old World that is… Café Bellagio.20150918_142240

Legendary New York chef Tom Colicchio brings his passion for cooking with fire to the Las Vegas Strip with Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak at The Mirage. Heritage focuses on meats prepared entirely over open flames and charcoal styled grills. The menu features amazing all organic meats, because Chef Tom believes that, meat just taste better that way. The glow of the hearth brings rustic charm that only adds to the dining wonderment of the guests, so go and taste these lovely juicy steaks. Eat, and be intoxicated by the sophistication being offered at this fine dining restaurant, located within the heart of the tropical Mirage Atrium. Also, remember to try the special Lounge Menu on Fridays and/or Saturdays, featuring the Heritage Burger, King Crab Roll and Lobster Hush-puppies. Allow Heritage to help you celebrate the holidays, and the glory of meat!20150918_142317

Nine Fine Irishmen located in the New York New York Hotel and Casino is a pub, but don’t be fooled by the term “pub”. This restaurant features some amazing food, and all food is fresh and made to order. Having all of their menu featuring either traditional Irish dishes, or fusion Irish dining, this restaurant is the place to be on the holidays especially if you have arrive with a large group. Some of the choices offered include, but are definitely not limited to corned beef (with or without the hash), Irish bangers, Shepherd’s Pie, and lamb stew just to name a few. They even have a live house band that plays traditional Irish music while you enjoy your time at this comfy pub. You can even poor your own pint at the Draftmaster table or log into Nine Fine Irishman’s Wi-Fi to check in on Face book. Try to take in the ambiance while relaxing and you will begin to notice the lengths that this pub has gone through to be as authentic as possible.







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