Do you enjoy getting a gift card? No? Seems a little lackluster and impersonal doesn’t it? Well here is a way to put a new spin on a kind of unthoughtful gift.Materials Needed• Jar: you can use a Mason jar, jam jar, olive jar, or salsa jar.
• Glitter
• Ribbon
• Hot glue gun
• Water
• Gift card
Step 1

Step 1:
Begin by grabbing your clean jar, open it, and set aside the lid. Next, remove the label either by
peeling gently, or using dish soap and water, or any other means to clean it without scuffing the glass.

Step 2aStep 2b

Step 2:

Set the jar aside to dry and grab the lid to the jar, using the glue gun, draw a line down the inside of the lid (this is where the gift card goes) quickly while the glue is still hot press the gift card (standing
upright) into the glue. Allow for the adhesion and curing of the glue to take place by waiting 20-30 minutes.Step 3aStep 3bStep 3:

Fill jar with water, Sprinkle the glitter into the jar (use finer glitter to prevent clumping)Step 4aStep 4bStep 4:

Screw cap onto jar tightly with the gift card upside down in the water.Step 5aStep 5bStep 5:

Tie a ribbon around the base and your globe is complete!Step 6Step 6:

Shake snow globe and enjoy.

This snow globe doesn’t require you to use a gift card, anything maybe used in place of the gift card, but be sure to use something that is water resistant.

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