Issue #21- Drinking & Driving During the Holidays

Drinking & drivingcar pic 9When it comes to the holiday’s people all around love to celebrate in different ways. Some celebrate by having extravagant dinners, some with swapping gifts and having games while some people celebrate with alcohol and crazy parties. There is many pros and cons to celebrating during the holidays with drinking but you just have to know when enough is pic 1


When it comes to celebrating it’s no surprise that people like to drink. Especially when you’re drinking during the holidays. Everyone is out and about having a great time while not even realizing when they have had too much. This is probably when the drinking and driving comes into play. Instead of knowing ones limit they tend to keep going. So instead of having a designated driver or taking the taxi or bus, they will drive on their own. Meanwhile, being under the influence of alcohol, it has so many consequences that can play out in a short matter of time. For example: while driving under the influence the driver could get a dui/ticket. They could hurt themselves or ultimately kill themselves or kill someone else. If you’re out and getting drunk, you have to make sure you remain responsible. You can even have someone, friend/family watch over you to make sure you do not go overboard. Importantly, stay safe at all times. So many negative things can play out if you are drinking and driving. You need to have fun! But you also need to know when enough is pic 2

Safe fun facts:

• Drink at a slow pace

• Stay hydrated with water

• Never mix light alcohol with dark alcoholcar pic 3

• Have small snacks while drinking to slow down the absorption of alcoholcar pic 10

• Have a designated driver/take the bus/take a taxicar pic 6

• Every 2 minutes, a person is injured in a drunk driving crashcar pic 4

• An average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before being arrested!car pic 7

• Kids / teens who get involved @ a young age are 7 times more likely to be involved in an alcoholic related crash in their pic 5

• In 2013, traffic fatalities among children 14 and younger, about 17% of them occurred in alcohol-impaired-driving pic 8





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