Within Las Vegas, there are several communities offering different  types of food. The communities are culture and heritage focused; making dishes that their ancestors made.




German food: Café Berlin

Enjoy a taste of Germany at the locally owned restaurant Café Berlin. They offer homemade pastries and amazing dishes like Sauerbraten with spaetzle (a meat and noodle dish) or try a classic handmade pretzel with cheese


Also, if you are feeling mighty hungry you can attempt their once a month buffet. Offering an assortment of meats and sides it costs $22.99. It is a cheap price to pay for such a great assortment of truly German food.



Italian food: Roma Deli and Restaurant3

Occasionally people get tired of the same old delivery style pizza and pasta. They want a relaxing environment with good authentic Italian food. This little deli offers all   is and more. With pizza and pasta served perfectly cooked and desserts made fresh daily, how can you not show-up to this local establishment? When you finish enjoying your food be sure to pickup deli meats for home.



South American food: Las Cazuelas

Offering authentic South American food, this family owned restaurant is a gem. This great place went largely undiscovered for some time.Now that it has been discovered by the community, it has exploded in popularity. The reason people should try here is that it helps you feel the taste of the culture inside you.

Greek food: The Great Greek

Surprisingly, Las Vegas has an authentic Greek restaurant. They serve such items as gyros and hummus if you are looking for the usual choices. They also happen to serve lesser known dishes, including pasticcio and dolmades. Dolmades are a type of flavorful Greek meatball and Pasticcio a dish that is creamy macaroni lasagna. This is the place to go if you want Greek Food.



Chinese food: China Mama

This gem of a restaurant with authentic Chinese cuisine offers many dishes. It is famous for its pork dumpling execution and its mastery of soups and sauces. Diners well even taste the differences in the tea and the rice. So if you are planning a visit prepare yourself for the utter amazement you will taste

Japanese food: Naka Sushi

This is a community restaurant that offers AYCE (All You Can Eat). This place offers some of the freshest fish available. The food comes out fast as well. Be sure to chat with the owner Chef Naka. He is a nice guy who only wants to enhance your dining experience and just let the staff take care of the rest.




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