Issue #20 – Community Collaboration

Hispanic museum artifacts

Las Vegas is a diverse and multicultural city with everything from art to dance to museums and malls, it seems that you can find any kind of culture whether it be the food or just the sayings that go with that culture.

The Asian community in Las Vegas has a rich culture that is enriched by the presence of the Asian Community Resource Center, who were kind enough to speak with Circles Magazine about their mission and the cultural events that they sponsor. Recently, the center sponsored Unity, an event to celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month and was held at the Flamingo Theater inside the Clark County Library. We spoke to Victor at the center and he was happy to give us information on how well the center interacts with the surrounding diverse community and the services they provide, for more information log on to

Just down the street from them located in the Boulevard Mall is The Hispanic Museum of Southern Nevada,

different country dress

displaying artifacts from the many Hispanic cultures of the state with styles that compliment the lifestyles of all of the rich cultures from countries such as Peru, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil. The  museum survives on donations so be generous when you decide to visit this wonderful representative of the Hispanic community. Let us not forget about the art community in Las Vegas, well represented in the Arts District that is located in the downtown area. Here, you can find a plethora of great art by local artists and sculptures. Along with that is a multifaceted music community with all styles of musical artists that bloom and prosper throughout the valley. We recently interviewed Angela Kerfoot from the local band Kerfoot&Dau. We asked her about the local music community in Las Vegas and she gave us some insight on the local scene. She explained the diversity of music in the city and talked about her own music and experiences playing in Las Vegas, to see the full interview log on to

Our own Ariel Valentine asked her some questions:

What is the difference between local music and mainstream music to you?

Angela: “Technically, mainstream music is funded by managers, who are investors, who already have long running connections to radio, and are ready to sell something on the radio, like a product. Meanwhile, local music is more independent, and a more artistic angle that is managed by the musicians themselves, and not funded by investors.” How do you feel about the entertainment here in the community?

Angela: “It’s at a turning point where it’s huge. Las Vegas has more local bands and musicians than there were before. Examples would be Imagine Dragons, or The Killers, or Panic! at the Disco, or any other musician here.”

Ariel: “And also, Five Finger Death Punch, because they also formed here in Vegas.”

Angela: “Right. Those are basically global bands that came from the Las Vegas local band scene.” Whether it’s art, dance, music or food, Las Vegas has just about every diverse and ethnic culture throughout the valley. So don’t be left out, try them all.


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