Should you live in the city or the suburbs? It’s a common question for home buyers and renters looking to get the most for their housing dollar. But living in the city means shorter commute times,
access to night life and other amenities. Circles Team researched the different living styles in the Las Vegas area.



Served by its main corridor, spring mountain road, Las Vegas version of Chinatown is an Asian community rich with influences from many eastern cultures. This neighborhood isn’t a densely populated residential area like its counterparts in cities like New York. Its commercial hub for those interested in seeking both traditional and modern Asian goods and cuisine. Restaurants on constantly being constructed and there are several shopping centers for adventurous eaters and seekers.



One of Las Vegas’ more prominent suburbs is Summerlin, a community west of downtown. Summerlin area has The Lakes and Desert Shorescontaining artificial lakes, creeks, waterfalls, and grassy common areas. Downtown Summerlin is
Nevada’s first true “edge city” a mixture of upscale offices, shopping malls, and entrainment districts. Summerlin is particularly desirable for families who want private yards, neighborhood parks, and premium schools. Nearly 100,000 people reside in the Summerlin community.

North Las Vegas

North LV

North Las Vegas operates an extensive system of open spaces, parks, and leisure services. North Las Vegas is one of Nevada’s fastest growing cities. North Las Vegas is characterized by its friendly atmosphere, development opportunities, civic pride and responsive government. North Las Vegas is the fourth largest city in Nevada, with a population of 220,000.


Downtown- Fremont District

Fremont East

Downtown Las Vegas is without a doubt one of the most dynamic and exciting neighborhoods in the U.S. $350 million has been invested into the area with a specific focus on real estate development. Downtown is a walkers and bicyclist’s dream, with local bike shops and plenty of sidewalks. The Downtown area is home to about 12 thousand people, and it offers residents and visitors the opportunity to walk to restaurants, bars and cafes
within a five minute stroll. They offer new luxury living spaces that are popular among new Vegas residents. The Downtown area has many cultures such as urban excitement and a hip casual life. It is
also destinations for hipsters and artsy types

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