Final Plating

The rainbow is highly recognizable to the LGBT

community. LGBT stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and

Transgender. The Rainbow Flag is most commonly

flown with the red stripe on top, as the colors

appear in a natural rainbow. The colors were

designed to symbolize: life (red), healing (orange),

sunlight (yellow), nature (green), harmony (blue),

and spirit (purple/violet). Circles created a LGBT

rainbow fruit kabob to recognize their community.


What You Need:Fruit Plate

• Strawberries,

halved & cored

• Cantaloupe, cut

into 1 inch pieces

• Pineapple, cut

into 1 inch pieces

• Green Grapes

• Blueberries

• Red Grapes

• Skewers


The rainbow flag was

invented in 1978


fruit picture1Directions:

1. Slide strawberry through the skewer, leaving 3

inches for a handle.

2. Slide a cantaloupe through meeting the strawberry.

3. Slide a pineapple meeting the cantaloupe.

4. Slide a green grape meeting the pineapple.

5. Slide two blueberries meeting the green grape (one

at a time).

6. Finish by adding a red grape.

7. Repeat 1-6 until you have no more fruit, or skewers.

8. Arrange the kabobs to make a rainbow shape.

9. Enjoy!

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