-Las Vegas and Clark County joined commercial air travel routes back in 1926 when Rockwell Field was

Opened, and it was closed in 1930

-In 1941 the training school & field became McCarran Field, named for U.S. Sen. Pat McCarran

 Old McCarran Field signmccarranfield2

-The Gunnery School closed in 1945, and the Air Force wanted to reopen the base in 1947

It was opened on George Crockett’s Alamo Field, which was 4 miles south of Downtown Las Vegas on the

old Los Angeles Highway-today’s Las Vegas Blvd.





-Dec. 1948 was that McCarran Field opened and had 12 flights daily, but the previous airport reopened

as the Las Vegas Air Force Base, and was renamed Nellis Air Force Base in 1950

-In the1950’s promotions by local casinos/resorts dramatically increased the number of visitors to Las

Vegas, and by 1959, the number of daily flights has risen to 73, with an annual passenger total of


-The existing airport facilities had become inadequate to handle the increases, so they planned a

new terminal for the east side


-The new terminal opened in 1963, and had up to 128 daily flights serving 1.4 million passengers

-In 1967, George Crockett’s involvement with McCarran Airport ended, when Howard Hughes bought the facilityanotheroldphoto

-In 1968, McCarran Field becomes McCarran International Airport

-Between 1970-74, A 30 million dollar expansion was built which added the A and B gatesanother70'sphoto

The Number of airlines doubled to 14 between 1978-80 and a new plan for development was implemented called McCarran 2000, which projected that 20,000-30,000 passengers daily would travel through Las Vegas by the year 2000.


-The first major part of McCarran 2000 was competed in 1985 with a new terminal.

The next phase would be done much sooner than expected and the thirty-million annual

passenger mark was surpassed in 1996

Phase IV of McCcarran 2000 was redesigned to provide more gates for passengersDgates

-The D Gates was opened in 1998, & the building will eventually house 45 gates, adding to the existing

58 gates that were previously opened in 1985

9. McCarran baggage claim

-McCarran Airport now serves 40 million passengers a yearivanpahdesign

-another airport in the Ivanpah Valley, will accommodate more growth in the 21st century

-As of late 2006, McCarran airport is now the nation’s fifth busiest airport in U.S. and 10th busiest in the









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