Henry Ford


Henry Ford

studied at the Detroit Business Institute, married Clara in 1888, had only son named Edsel

 Edsel Ford

EdselFordportraitHenry Ford family Ford started as the Detroit Automobile Company in the late 1890’s, but the car he had designed as a prototype needed to be reworked, some were deficient & heavy.

In 1901, their Board of Directors had dissolved the company & lost faith in him -Ford started a new company called the Henry Ford company, but after a year after establishment, he left the company -He designed the Model A & it was the lightest car that he ever made -He later found a partner in Alexander Malcomson, an immigrant from Scotland, for his latest venture, which would be become a major success -He found a team of workers to churn out fifteen cars a day, & orders started pouring in.

By 1904, the Ford Motor Company had expanded operations & survived.

In 1908, the model T was introduced, up to 15 million would peak in 1927.1917 Ford Model T

4. Model T

-The average Model T went down from $850 in 1908 to $250 in 1925 -In 1925, Ford was producing cars every 10 seconds. He built new highways and roads across the United States. He also became one of the most prominent citizens of the early 20th century, he took strong positions on Social & labor affairs in this country which was also based on “Taylorism”, named after Frederick Taylor and revolutionized American industry, later referred to as Fordism. He earned the Elliott Cresson Medal in 1928 and the Order of the German Eagle in 1938 -Had his own estate called Fairlane in Dearborn, MI

5. Henry Ford Estate

henry ford estate -Company has headquarters also in Dearborn

6. Ford Dearborn HeadquartersFordbuilding -Ford has had 14 different CEO’s & charirmen from 1903-present (John Gray was the first, Mark Fields the latest)

7. History of Ford logos

Ford logos -Today, Ford operates 3,100 dealerships throughout the U.S., according to Auto Trader

8. local Ford dealership in LV





9. 1965 Ford Mustang



10. Ford Explorer



11. Ford F-150


12. Ford Econoline

ford econoline

RTC bus

13. Ford RTC bus






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