People often feel the need to step outside of the car when it comes to the way
they want to get around. Circles Magazine found some of the weirdest, craziest
and zaniest ways to make it to your destination. Whether it be on land, snow,
water or in the air there is always an innovative idea to move you along.












The iconic Monkeemobile was used in the television
show that the group was on from 1966-1970.















In 2006 Popular Science magazine named the

UnoCycle the Invention of the Year. The rider
simply leans forward to accelerate to speeds up
to 25mph, and leans backward to slow down.






The Proteus is 100 feet long and3
50 feet wide and powered by twin
diesel engines mounted to the rear
of the inflatable pontoon hulls. The
cabin is suspended on flexible legs
about 15 feet above and between
the hulls, allowing them to glide
independently over the service of
the water.



Australian singer-songwriter Josh4
Pyke commissioned guitar-smiths
Maton to build a boat shaped like an
acoustic guitar. Pyke rode the ‘Guitar
Boat’ through Sydney Harbour
for the “Make You
Happy” music video.





Tortora Reed Boats are common on5
Lake Titicaca in Peru









The basic idea of a screw-6propelled
vehicle is simple enough: instead of
wheels or tracks, you build a vehicle
with a pair of auger-like cylinders
fitted with a helical flange. To make
that a bit easier to understand, think
of a machine that literally crawls
along the ground on a pair of giant




For $200,000 you can go into space on the8
Virgin Galactic Space Ship.









Ekso™ is a wearable bionic suit7
which enables individuals with any
amount of lower extremity weakness
to stand up and walk over ground
with a natural, full weight bearing,
reciprocal gait. Walking is achieved
by the user’s weight shifting to
activate sensors in the device which
initiate steps. Battery-powered
motors drive the legs, replacing
deficient neuromuscular function.




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