When America’s military is called into service there is an

overwhelming amount of planning involved in transporting our

troops and the equipment they use. The Department of Defense has

a huge transportation department that is in charge of getting military

personnel and their equipment where they need to go. Here are

some of the vehicles they use to get the job done.navy-seal_sdv-team-sofrep


The US Navy has hundreds of types of crafts for transportation on

the water from aircraft carriers to small rubber boats depending on

the need of what is to be transported. One specific vehicle the Navy

uses is known as the SDV (Seal Delivery Vehicle). These

particular vehicles work below the surface of the water to deliver the

Navy Seal’s and their equipment to their mission area.


The Marine Corps Base has a variety of ways to meet the military

transportation needs of its soldiers. Some common Marine vehicles

used for transportation of troops and supplies include:M1030

M1030MT Motorcycle uses a diesel engine inside a Kawasaki

KLR 650 frame and goes up to 90mph with a rating of 96mpg on


MMWV – Also known as the Humvee is one of the military’s most

recognizable vehicles. It is used for transporting troops, and serves

as ambulances as well as support vehicles.

Air Forceglobemaster

The star of the Air Force is the Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy

which is Air Force’s largest and most versatile airlifter. It can be

loaded from either the front or the back of the aircraft and can

carry over 200,000 pounds of payload and up to 73 passengers.

The US Air Force currently has 126 of these gigantic planes. Also

very notable is the President’s plane, known as Air Force One.

Currently two 747-200 planes are used to shuttle the Commander

in Chief from point to point securely. The planes currently in use are

about to reach the end of their 30 year use cycle and will be

replaced by the 747-8.M1133

Army and National Guard

Among the many vehicles used by the Army and the National Guard

are two vehicles dedicated to service men and women injured in

the line of duty. The M1133also known as the Stryker

Medical Evacuation Vehicle is a modern battlefield ambulance.

Moving at sustained speeds of up to 60 mph, it can evacuate four to

six patients while its crew of three medics provides basic medical



UH-60Q Medevac Helicopter

was designated as the “DUSTOFF” which stands

for “Dedicated Unhesitating Service to Our Fighting

Forces”. The UH-60Q was configured and equipped with high

technology medical equipment including an oxygen generating

system, an intravenous solutions warming and cooling unit, a

cardiac monitoring system, and a powered gurney lift system that

can accommodate six acute care patients. But the most common

piece of equipment used throughout all the military branches is the

Jeep. In 1940 the U. S government had a competition for the best

general purpose vehicle. The Jeep was chosen over the other two

vehicles entered into the competition and in 1941 production of the

Jeep began.DSC00060

Animals used in the military for transportation

Not surprising is that in the early days of the military horses, camels

and even elephants were used to transport troops and supplies to

and from the battlefield as well as in Vietnam, where oftentimes

oxen, horses and other animals were used by both sides.

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