When asking Circles Team
Members about the future of
transportation you receive a number
of answers like, “people will movemaglev
around in a futuristic space ship going
into space or a futuristic train” or
“people will move in faster trains.”
The interesting thing is that they
may be correct in their assumptions!
Currently being used today, the
Maglev Train is a levitating train that
works off the power of magnets. It
being used all over the world and
has been nicknamed the bullet train.
This nickname is incredibly deserving
because it moves so fast it can beat
some planes in sheer speed. The
future may likely have Super Maglevs
being run through tunnels in the
earth that are able to reach speeds
close to 5000 miles an hour! This
would insure a trip anywhere would
never take more than 42 minutes.All Terrain Underground
This is not the only
possible change for the future of
transportation, vehicles like cars
will get an upgrade. Circles Team
Members think that people will use
more electric cars in the future due
to the rising costs of gasoline. These
opinions are sound and educated
because fluctuating gasoline prices
and supplies will definitely influence
the future of transportation. One
team member believes that even
hydrogen fuel cells (once they are
completely clean) will be a possibility
in the future.
Solar energy may also play a
part in the future of transportation.
Once energy collection becomesAll Terrain Underground Tunnel
easier, the ease of access will
determine the vehicles on the road.
All of this will be implemented with
solar panel roadways with digital
displays beaming lasers at the
bottom of cars as they drive by. Why?
Because solar panels will be on the
top and bottoms of cars.
Lastly, to prevent accidents,
Circles thinks there will be vehicles
that drive themselves. This may
not be too far-fetched as some car
manufacturers already offer features
that do some of the driving for you.


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