There are so many drivers on the road, many of them with disabilities. Sometimes people may be in a wheelchairs, use a walker, or maybe have dwarfism so they need to have their vehicles modified to help them with their special needs. Some of the modifications may consist of removable or swivel driver seats, lifts or ramps on the side of vans, or brake and throttle controls on the steering wheel. Before a modification is done to a vehicle they may evaluate your needs for said modification.

They may evaluate your vision, test your muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion, and test your coordination and reaction time. They may also evaluate your judgment and decision making abilities and your ability to drive with adaptive equipment. Once your evaluation is completed you should receive a report containing specific recommendations to fit your needs. In case of an emergency you should have someone that you trust also be trained on how to operate and drive the modified vehicle as well as yourself. As with any vehicle regular maintenance is very important but even more so when a vehicle has been modified for those with special needs. There are videos you can watch on YouTube that show vehicles being modified for the disabled.

They have even customized vehicles for people with disabilities on The History Channel’s show Counting Cars. Unfortunately when it comes to the cost involved in modifying a vehicle, about 73% of the time the consumer has to pay for the modification themselves. A third party such as an insurance company or rehabilitation service organization help with the cost only 27% of the time.





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