Issue #19 – Keep on Trucking

4Truck stops originated in the 1940’s but became a huge industry with the development of the Interstate Highway System, started in 1956.

There is no rule stating that you cannot go to a truck stop because you aren’t a trucker. In fact, if you are hungry, you just might want to head inside one. Why? Because truck stops tend to have the best ‘stick-to-your ribs’ food out there. Country fried steak, meatloaf, huge hamburgers, and massive steaks are some menus items found at Truck Stop restaurants along the highway. They even have some lighter choice options, such as baked fish and salads, if you are trying to watch your figure.l

One great thing about truck stops is their amazing service. The wait staff immediately treats you like you have been there
every day of your life, even if you are a total stranger. They make you feel like you are at home.3

Another great thing about truck stops is the large portions of food. They realize that the truckers are on the road for a very long time. They want to make sure they are full before hitting the road.2

Another reason truck stops are so amazing is their price. The restaurants cater to the blue collar workforce and families. You will be surprised what you can get for under 10 dollars.7

The Iron Skillet is a restaurant chain that is all across the country… but they are only found in Truck Stops. Everything they
serve is fresh and most is made from scratch.  The food is even served in a skillet to give it extra charm and appeal.6

Since the trucking industry is on the rise and always changing, truck stops have had to do the same. To draw in a diverse group of people and they provide more than just gas and food. Truck stops now have gift shops, barber shops, shower and laundry facilities, truck washes, and some even have motels alongside the main facility.10

So the next time you are passing a truck stop, don’t hesitate to stop and explore what they have to offer. Just make sure to bring your appetite!

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