2aSome high end motorhomes even have an area in the back called a toy hauler. It is like a garage for those that want to take their off-road toys with them.






2bDo you want to travel the country but don’t want to  be stuck in a car for days? Or maybe you want to go camping but don’t like sleeping in a tent. Well then a motorhome may be for you. Recently, Circles Magazine visited Sahara RV to check out the wide variety of traveling options they have to offer.2c

Motorhomes can be up to 40 feet in length. Many offer multiple slide outs (retractable sections) that give you extra space when the vehicle is parked. Some look like you could be in an actual house only smaller. But whatever size you are in, with ceiling fans, full kitchens, designer bathrooms, and king size beds, they definitely offer all the comforts of home wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling the country, going to camp out while going 4 wheeling, or just camping for  the weekend you can find an RV that fits your needs. So why are you still reading this? Go get out there and get to crusin’ in style!!

But if a full size motor home isn’t in your budget, you can even get a camper that turns your pick-up truck into a rolling apartment.










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