Since May of 2000, geocaching has been an increased hobby for hiking enthusiasts and modern day treasure hunters. But what exactly is Geocaching and where can people begin exploring this real life game? Circles explored this outdoor activity and even went on their own Geocaching exploration.

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game that uses GPS (global positioning satellite) devices. Explorers are given a set of coordinates to enter on his or her device. Once entered,  they can locate the Geocache. A Geocache is a container of various sizes hidden to the naked eye. Inside the container could be anything –it’s a mystery. Some of the items inside a Geocache are: flashlights, coins, pictures, small figurines, etc. They also have a logbook to put names on for those who have found it. These items turn the adventure into a true treasure hunt. Most of the caches are protected by the elements because they are in plastic  bags or containers.

There are over 2 million Geocaches hidden worldwide!


There are several types of Geocaches. Some have

puzzles before the container will open, some are

virtual, some are even deep under water.


Geocaches can be found all over the world! People will hide the caches in locations that a meaningful to them, reflecting a

special interest or skill of the cacheGeocahing-Pictures2

owner. These locations can

pretty much be anywhere.

They may be at a local park,

at the end of a long hike, underwater, or on the side of a city street. Circles ventured out to explore their own Geocaching experience. After some research the decision was to try to find the cache located at Pioneer Park.

After entering the coordinates into a GPS enabled device, the search was on! The  reator of the cache gave hints to its whereabouts. The hints on the website are a puzzle and must be solved in order. With the hints discovered, it made it easier to find the cache…and it was found!

Geocashing-Picture5The entire hunt lasted about 20 minutes- searching high and low, and in every nook and cranny. The contents of the cache were very minimal as the container was only a pill  bottle.

Circles decided to put a business card and a quarter as evidence of their presence. The rule for geocaching is, “If you take something, leave something.” To make other explorers know that Circles found the cache we singed the logbook. Geocaching is a great way for people to explore their local community. With dedication and determination, geocaching can become a new hobby to explore the wonderful outdoors and witness the beautiful local scenery.


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