NOTE: Practice setting up your tent and campsite before you go camping.
• Practice the setup of your camping tent using directions in hand.
• Setup using minimal light or with a flash light in case you have to setup in the dark.

Step1_02Step1_01Step 1: Find a Good Spot to Setup Your Campsite
• A good camping spot has a smooth surface and provides adequate protection from the wind elements.
• Clear the area of any large sticks, rocks or other debris and make sure that the area is at a level, not a grade.


Step2Step 2: Unpack Tent & Bedding Items.
• Sort the parts into respective groups (stakes, poles, rain fly etc.)
• Check and make sure all the parts are there.
• Prepare the area where the tent will be erected




Step3Step 3: Unfold and Position Tent.
• Use a tarp to separate the tent floor from the ground for extra protection.
• Ensure it is facing the desired direction. (East for the sunrise)
• Stake down each tent corner. (most tents need to be secured)




Step4Step 4: Connect Tent Poles.
• The tent poles are the two longest interconnected poles.
• The rainfly pole is the shortest interconnected pole.
• Connect a pole into place with the corresponding segment in the series.
• Check that all segments are secured.



Step5Step 5: Assemble the Tent Frame.
• Starting from one corner, insert one end of the pole through the pole sleeve.
• From another corner, do the same for the other pole, forming an X.
• Snap into place plastic hooks along the way.
• Tie a knot where the poles cross to secure the position.



Step6Step 6: Erect the Tent.
• Pull one end of the tent pole and fasten the corner, then fasten the opposite corner of the tent, creating tension as the pole bends to an arch.
• Do the same for the side while guiding the tent structure upward.
• Place rainfly over the roof with pole pockets pointing over the window and door direction.
• Slide pole over the dome of the tent and fasten each end inside pole pocket.


Step7Step 7: Setup Folding Cot.
• Stretch open folded cot
• Position legs downward like center leg
• Spread open cot on the ground
• Insert and lock stabilizer bars at each end



Step8Step 8: Setup Air Mattress.
• Locate air valve on the mattress corner
• Open air valve
• Unstrap mattress
• Lay mattress down to auto inflate

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