With all the work it takes to grow a garden in our desert climate you don’t want pests to come along and ruin your plants before you get to enjoy them.

Some insects that can be a pain to gardeners are those that have a soft body and feed on plant sap. A few examples of these include Aphids and Spider Mites. The natural way to get rid of insects like Aphids and Spider Mites is to spray both sides of the leaves with water.

Stick Garden

Make sure that when you do this that the water is turned on high to make sure that you get all the pests off the leaves.

If you have tomato plants you know how pesky those Green Horn Worms or tomato Worms can be. The only way to get rid of these pests is to hand pick them off and dispose of them.


But not all pests are bad. There are some insects that are beneficial to the garden such as Lady Bugs and Spiders. They both feed on the bad bugs and parasites that are attracted to your garden.



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