Issue #18 – Picnic Time Equals Fun Time


Whether it’s a company function or with family and friends everyone enjoys a good picnic. If you have never experienced what a picnic is like, or you’re just not sure what to bring, the team at Circles Magazine would like to help with that. We have come up with some suggestions and a handy checklist that should help you to have an enjoyable and successful picnic. So sit back and have some fun with family and friends!!!

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Food suggestions: Any food that you can prepare ahead of time and that will not require being heated such as sandwiches, salads, fruit, chips, cookies, or anything that is easy to grab for a quick snack and beverages, especially water.

Picnic supplies: picnic basket or large tote bag, plastic utensils, blanket, napkins, paper plates, ice chest with ice or ice packs, and an umbrella for shade.

Safety or in case of emergency: bug repellent, sun block, epi pen (in case of severe allergies), and a first aid kit.

Extras: music, games, and a camera

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