H o l i d a y Dri p C a n d l e scircles2

Planning a holiday party? Don’t have enough

decorations? Have time? These candles are sure to draw attention; however they are tricky to create, messy, and time consuming. Most scientists experience these obstacles for every experiment. They are worth the time and effort to create!

Materials Needed


-Large pillar candles

-Parchment paper (to protect surface)

-Heat source: heating gun or hair dryer


Step 1: Protect your surface with parchment paper





Step 2: Select crayon colors to be used on pillar candle; Remove wrapper




Step 3: Using the heat source, allow the crayon to drip onto the pillar candle


Step 4: Continue to apply until you have the desired look



Step 5: Experiment! Be Creative! Make more than one candle or use other crayons for more color






Tip 1: Add glitter to have the candle sparkle




Draw holiday designs on tissue paper. Cut the design out as close as possible but leaving the design intact wrap design around pillar candle securing it with wax paper. Heat entire design with a heat gun or hair dryer for one minute. Peel off wax paper. The tissue paper should stick to candle. If not completely applied, reheat with wax paper


Fun Facts

The 100 billionth crayon was made in 1996

Crayons melt between 180 and 200 degrees

Edwin Binney invented the first crayon in 1902

The first crayons were made of a mixture of charcoal and oil.



Tip 2: Tie a ribbon around the candle for more charm


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