crockpotPrehistoric men used to cook their food slowly over an open fire because this caused juices to seep between ingredients, creating wonderful flavors and tender meat and vegetables. Slow cooking is still a favorite way to cook today. It’s easy, saves time, and clean-up is a breeze.

crockpot-iventions-2The typical slow cooking crock-pot is simple; plug it in, flip the switch, and wait until your food is properly cooked. But, now thanks to science you have many more options. The iStir stirs the food every 30 minutes so there is no need to worry about your food burning or sticking. Have you ever wondered about cooking while you’re shopping or at work? The Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker is WeMo® enabled and works with your smart device to let you adjust the settings from where ever you are. And what about cooking two dishes at the same time? Now there is a dual Crock-Pot that has separate heat settings for each side.







Food is meant to be eaten, right? Not always…there are people who prepare food that is more like art. These people are known as Food Stylists. They prepare food for commercials, pictures in cookbooks and for scenes in movies. A Food Stylist prepares food with unusual ingredients so it looks freshly made as well as appetizing. The overall presentation of the food depends on the stylist’s individual taste.




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