Laugh Out Loud at Barriers

As if a comedian in showbiz isn’t hard enough to do for anymore, try throwing a disability like Cerebral Palsy or being confined to a wheelchair into the mix. Chris “Crazy Legs” Fonseca is a comedian that uses everyday life in his act, and that includes using his own disability to his advantage. He doesn’t let anything like his speech impediment hold him down.


Recently Circles Magazine met with Chris and learned that he has been in the biz for 3 decades and performed his first comedy show while studying Journalism in Junior College. When asked, “Was it hard to get where you are today?” Chris replied, “It took 12 hours to get here by car,” showing he is a comedian on and off stage. When we asked what made him want to be a comedian, he told us that he loves to make people laugh and that laughter is what inspires him to get out and do his show. In his “shit down” comedy show, Chris talks about everything from his 2 marriages to his 5 kids (ages 13-22). We asked him if he ever gets nervous while on stage and his reply was, “No, it’s like being at home.”


Chris Fonsesca is proof that you can use a disability to your advantage and make  things happen for yourself. He shows that you shouldn’t let barriers or hurdles stop you from achieving your dreams. So go reach for the stars and laugh out loud at barriers!!!


Favorite color: Blue
Favorite movie: Forrest Gump
Favorite actor (and friend): Tom Hanks
Favorite pastime: Watching sports
Favorite football team: Denver Broncos
Favorite basketball team: San Antonio Spurs
Favorite comedian: George Carlin
Notable meetings: David Letterman, Ozzy Osbourne, Arsenio Hall, KISS, Ted Nugent, and the last four presidents.
Idol: His father, for always being there for him.

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