For centuries, science has expanded the quality of life. The discoveries of electricity, metals, fire, and even sanitation, have assisted the human race in living longer and better.


1450Newspapers appear in Europe.

1492Leonardo da Vinci is the first to theorize flying machines with over 100 drawings that illustrated his theories on flight.

1520Zacharius Jannssen invented the microscope.

1800 – Italian physicist Alessandro Volta invented the battery.

1801 – Thomas Moore of Maryland invented the icebox refrigerator.

1819 to 1825 – US food canning industry established.

1835 – Samuel Morse invented Morse code.

1857 – Louis Pasteur identified germs as the cause of disease.

1858 – Mason jars were invented, allowing a process of canning at home.mason_jars_circle

1861 – United States starts the Pony Express for mail delivery.

1876 – Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

1877 – First street lighting plant in Paris, France.

1899 – Felix Hoffman developed aspirin.

1908 – Henry Ford improved the assembly line for automobile manufacturing.

1923 to 1935 – Several vaccines were develop for deadly diseases.

1930 – First television broadcast in the US.

1941 – Frozen foods popularized.

1951 – First computers sold commercially.


1963 – Zip codes invented in the United States.

1979 – First cellular phone communication network started in Japan.

1985 – Nintendo Entertainment System invented.

1994 – Farmers began using satellite technology to track and plan their farming practices.

2001 – iPod was invented.

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