Looking up in the night sky, the Moon is a predominant beauty; enchanting creativity and sparking curiosity. The Moon has scientific value and is an inspiration to many artists.


Throughout time artists have used the Moon as symbolism for many different things. Artists have used the Moon as a feminine symbol; specifically representing the rhyme of time as it embodies life’s cycle. Some ancient traditions saw the Moon as the source of life and the ability to shape-shift to create new life. The Moon has a strong influence in the legend of the werewolf and some cultures even viewed the moon as the home of all souls.

Scientists have always been interested in and explored the relationship between the Moon and Earth. One of the most important influences the Moon has on Earth is the ocean tides caused by the gravitational pull also helps to stabilize the Earth’s tilt on its axis creating a relatively stable climate.


CIRCLES MAGAZINE had the opportunity to visit The Planetarium on the campus of College of Southern Nevada where we viewed Back to the Moon for Good, a presentation about past exploration on the Moon and what is in store for the future. Since the discovery of water on the Moon, scientists across the world are in a race to colonize. This race against time will further our exploration into the universe and help scientists understand more about our solar system.

Artists and scientists alike find the Moon important. The Moon plays a key role for scientists in understanding our solar system and helps artists with their inspiration and expression. Earth’s closest neighbor will always be close to the hearts and minds of many.

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