We seem to get so comfortable in the way we live our lives. We shop at the same grocery store every week, buy the same food, wear our hair in the same style, and take the same route to work day after day. And having a routine is fine, most of the time. But if you never go a different direction or vary from that routine you may be missing out on something unexpected, maybe even a little strange. And strange doesn’t have to be little green men, it is simply something unexpected or something you haven’t experienced before. If you have never been to an art studio, put that on your to do list. If you have heard great things about a new restaurant whose cuisine you’ve never tried, make a reservation. Step outside your comfort zone; be a little adventurous, maybe even a bit bold. It may sound trite, but, stop and smell the roses. Or at least stop and look around. The world is a fascinating place full of amazing sights, sounds, and even tastes. So keep your eyes wide open and you will never run out of extraordinary things to see and do.

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