016 CM16-ArtGr-Strange-Zombies-Domination A fascination with zombies appears to be sweeping the nation; and is increasing in popularity in every aspect of our culture.  From television and movies, to video games, clothing and beyond, our obsession with all things zombie is one of the hottest trends of this decade.  The creation of television shows like “Chrysalis” and “The Walking Dead”, coupled with post-apocalyptic movies like “World War Z”, “I Am Legend”, and “Resident Evil 5” have helped t036o fuel that obsession and contribute to the zombie craze.

According to some, zombies appeal to both the fear and fascination people have to the concept of death.  The fact that zombies were once a living, breathing, human being plays a significant role in what makes them so scary.  The very notion of survival in a post-apocalyptic world with uncertainty about the future, in addition to a threat of the undead who harbor no emotion or conscious excite even the most passive of people and can transform them into unlikely heroes.

Even our own city of Las Vegas has capitalized on the zombie craze! “Zombie Burlesque”is a popular show at the “V” Theater047 located in Planet Hollywood.  Set in a post-atomic era in 1958, the musical boasts comedy, dance, and musical numbers performed by the “undead”.

The Zombie Run is a 5K (1 mile) run that takes place in Las Vegas in late October.  100 percent of proceeds go to benefit Generation Vegas, a local charity.  In this event the participants run with flags on them and attempt to avoid the zombies on the running course.  Those who finish the race with their flags undisturbed and intact “survive” the course.

057Zombie Apocalypse Store, located on Spring Mountain Road, has all things “zombie”.  It houses supplies and survival items. It even has a paintball shooting range to sharpen your skills and prepare you for zombie world domination in the event of an outbreak.  Zombies are even available for target practice.  It is guaranteed to satisfy any zombie fix that you may have. What does the future hold for zombies and our obsession for them?  Our guess is that they will continue to be as immortal in history as they are in life.










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