Urban Legends and Spooky Haunts             2

Within the heart of Las Vegas you will find that it carries urban legends and haunted places that are not just on the strip. Here are a few, and judge for yourself! Is it haunted? Do you dare to go and see for yourself? Is the urban legend you have always heard about hold true? Check it out!


Fox Ridge Park1 is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy at night. He is often found swinging on the swing set. Do not disturb him if you see him because if he is bothered, he will take on a demonic form and then disappear. When it comes to schools and daycare these two have spooky! Dell H. Robison Middle School where new students have been haunted by the ghost of a janitor. He has been spotted in the hallways with bloody hands. It is also said that the janitor will follow newbies home after they spot him and the only way to end his haunting is by attending church.


Little Choo Choo Daycare is no longer open, but a restless spirit of a small boy haunts the location. It is said he has been spotted with a shovel in the sandbox. The daycare closed after a teacher’s suicide, and the accidental death of a child that was pinned to the tracks under a toy train.

Underneath Las Vegas there are many miles of flood tunnels.  The Sandhill and Charleston Tunnels 3have had reports of strange occurrences. There have been reports of mysterious voices belonging to a man and woman rumored to have been killed there.



Even hotels and casinos are not immune. The Flamingo Hotel and Casino4 is said to be inhabited by former residentBugsy Siegel who opened and ran the establishment. Although Siegel died in CA, his spirit is rumored to be attached to the hotel. With the abundant personal touches that he made, it seems that even after his demise, he is still enjoying this building. There have also been reports about a maid who worked on the 21st floor. The maid committed suicide plunging to her death out of the window of a room she was cleaning. It is said she longed for her own vacation, and grew tired of watching others on theirs. In the room from which she jumped, you can hear her sighs of longing, and sadness.



The Curse of the Megabucks suggests not long after winning the big jackpot, the winners all died due to tragic unforeseen accidents. So does that go with the old adage “In order to win big, you have to lose big”?


The Hoover Dam took 5 years to build and 4 million plus cubic yards of concrete. While building the dam almost 100 workers lost their lives.  Rumor is that some of their bodies remain buried in the concrete. Truth is, the concrete was poured in small increments and allowed to dry before pouring the next batch. If anyone would have fallen into the wet concrete, they would have been quickly pulled out.

Area 51 is a popular urban legend locale. It remains to be one of the deserts big mysteries. Always under a veil of secrecy it’s been said they conceal and conduct studies on extraterrestrial life.


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