When going to the grocery store, it can be an overwhelming experience looking at fruits and vegetables.

Kiwi is grown in California andkiwi
New Zealand The texture is
soft, juicy and seedy. Our
tasters thought it tasted similar
to a banana, but slightly
sweeter. 2 out of 3 people liked
it. We recommend it as it was
very good & inexpensive.



The Forelle Pear is grown in Washington and Oregon. It is030
slightly crunchy and firm. It is sweet, tangy, juicy, and
very flavorful. One taster even stated that it was the best
pear that she d ever had.





The chayote is grown in Mexico053
and Southern United States. The
chayote is very crunchy and firm.
It tastes similar to a cucumber
but is slightly bitter. Due to the
overwhelming bitterness, no one
enjoyed this vegetable.


Guava is grown in Hawaii. The051
guava is soft and juicy. It has a lot
of seeds that are too hard to
chew. This fruit is mainly used for
juicing and puree. The fruit is
lemony and sour, but good. It is
compared to a combination of a
pear and a strawberry.


The Dragon Fruit is grown in020
Vietnam. The Dragon Fruit skin is
purple with leaves or scales on it.
The inside is white with a lot of
black seeds. It is sweet, juicy, and
citrusy but the flavor isn’t very
strong. We all liked it. This fruit
can be expensive so utilize the
purchase wisely.


The Jicama is mainly grown in048
Mexico. Jicama looks like a giant
potato. It is firm and dense. The
texture is very crunchy similar to an
apple or raw potato. The taste is
nutty and sweet.



The tomatillo is grown in Mexico.
It looks like a tomato with a husk032
on the outside that you peel off.
The tomatillo is mainly cooked
before consumption. It is safe to
eat raw, but not recommended.


The wide variety can confuse customers to the point that they  always stick to basic apples and carrots. Circles explored  and tasted the different produce to help their taste buds. 


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