Most artists choose to work in traditional mediums such as oil paint, pastels, clay, ink, or chalk. But when it comes to creating art, anything goes. While you may think it is just part of breakfast, one artist used different shades of toast to create a mural-sized portrait of a woman’s face. Making a statement against gun violence, one artist used dismantled guns and bullets to create a sculpture of a church. Even junk and trash can be used to create a piece of art. The only limit to what can be used to create a work of art is the artist’s own creativity and imagination.


Transitions Services makes homemade paper and use it to create artwork that

is sold at Farmers Markets and at our store, Studio 8 ten.


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You can do a lot of things with Paper Mache; here are a few examples of 3D art created by TSI artists.

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Sure you can turn your aluminum cans in for recycling, but TSI artists turn them into art!

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Metal can be use to create majestic landmarks and eccentric pieces of furniture.

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Reclaimed wood is a great way to make anything from tables to bird houses.

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