Natural phenomenon is defined as an event that occurs naturally and they can be broken down into three major categories. There are those which involve the structure of the earth such as volcanos and earthquakes. There are others that originate in the atmosphere such as tornados and hurricanes.  And there are those that occur within the depths of the ocean such as tsunamis. Many natural phenomenons are quite common and include clouds, rain, wind, and even the sun and moon. The world is a vast and mysterious place and in addition to the phenomenon that is familiar to us there are also strange, unique and unusual examples.  These can be attributed to changes that take place during extreme temperatures, light and reflection processes, and simple metamorphosis.

frost flower 2

Frost Flowers occur when temperatures outside of a plant reach below freezing. Moisture in the stem is drawn out causing the formation of delicate petals of ice.


Snow Rolls occur when snow masses that are blown by the wind gather and form into a roll- shaped structure. They increase in size as the wind strengthens and gravity shifts.

fire whirl

Fire Whirls (also known as fire devils or fire tornados) are usually caused by wild fires. They occur when a heavy concentration of heat is generated in a small area. The fire combines with air temperature and currents forming a whirl which rises into the air like a tornado.

dirty thunderstorm

Dirty Thunderstorms, also called volcanic lightening, occur when hot, electrically charged plumes of ash collide with water or ice in the air creating a bolt of lightning.


Bioluminescence is light or glow that is emitted from an organism (such as a firefly). It is caused by energy being released from a chemical reaction occurring within the organism.


Iridescent or Rainbow Clouds are caused by light reflecting off tiny ice crystals inside the body of a cloud.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees in Kailua, Hawai

When the Rainbow Eucalyptus (rainbow gum) tree sheds portions of its bark it reveals a bright green inner bark.As the exposed bark matures it darkens and becomes blue, purple, orange and maroon

.spider tree

Some phenomenon, like Spider Trees, are so rare that they may only have occurred once in our lifetime. During floods in Pakistan in 2010, millions of spiders crawled into trees to escape the rising flood waters.  Because of the length of time it took for the waters to recede, the spiders spun webs and transformed the trees into giant cocoons.

aurora borealis 1

But one of the most amazing and magnificent examples of natural phenomenon are Auroras which occur between 60 and 200 miles from the surface of the earth. These glowing lights are caused by rapidly moving electrons which strike atoms. When they stabilize they give off excess energy in the form of visible photons (light).  Aurora Borealis is seen best in the northern sky but has been observed as far south as Florida. Aurora Australis is seen best in the southern such as around Antarctica, the Indian Ocean, and sometimes parts of Australia and South America as well. Because of the high magnetic fields as they produce, auroras can disrupt radio communications as well as navigations systems.   Whether common or unique, natural phenomenon gives the gift of beauty, intrigue, and mystery to the world.

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