Las Vegas is known for its 24 hour, outrageous lifestyles. It has also been considered the wedding capital of the United States and there are hundreds of wedding chapels in Las Vegas to choose from. photo3

While most chapels offer traditional weddings, not everyone wants a cookie cutter ceremony. Some couples are choosing non-traditional or themed weddings that mirror their personalities or interests. These types of ceremonies are also very popular for couples that have already had the customary wedding in the past and want to renew their vows in a less formal way.  It is a fast growing trend and there are many chapels that will customize your ceremony to make your dreams come true.



Circles Magazine visited one of these chapels, Viva Las Vegas, which opened in 1999. It is owned by a former wedding singer and all the staff have been involved in the entertainment industry as well. One of their most popular wedding requests involves the King of Rock, Elvis Presley; they perform about 150 Elvis weddings a month.  They have also performed Viking weddings, Pirate weddings, Michael Jackson weddings, and Rock n Roll weddings. Halloween themed weddings are very popular in October, but they can be done all year long. They even have an entire section dedicated to 1950’s themed weddings. The manager, Brian, admits his favorite theme is Rock n Roll but told us that they will research




and organize whatever the bride and groom dream up. Their motto, “If you can dream it, we can theme it.” They make the happy couple the “Stars” of the show!

Circles dreamed up (and recreated) some wedding ideas of their own. With the Zombie apocalypse on everyone’s mind, a Zombie themed wedding was a no brainer.

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Las Vegas in the 1920’s and 30’s inspired a mafia themed wedding

Send in the Clowns!



Additional weddings Viva Las Vegas have performed: Camelot, Intergalactic, Victorian, 1960’s, Disco, Beach Party, Gangster, Egyptian, Gothic, and their most popular, Fairy tale weddings (Cinderella).



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