Meet The Contributors: What is your favorite horror movie?


Dominque Clay-Brown

My favorite horror movie is “IT”, a scary movie about a clown. My favorite scene is when Georgie lost his paper sail boat in the drain, then “IT” came out of the drain and called to Georgie and bribed him with a balloon. After that he pulls him down the Drain! It was really cool and had me freaked out!


Derek Gendvil

My favorite horror movie would be the “Saw” franchise as a whole. The movies are about the villain Jigsaw, who “wants to play a game”. He places people in homemade traps to try and escape from. My favorite part of the series is how they have a second chance depending on what they want to sacrifice through means of physical or psychological pain.


Angie Masterson

My favorite horror movie would have to be “Carrie”. It was my first scary movie and I love how she has super powers that she uses to protect herself. I love the scenes in which she is using her abilities, especially when she angry. I also enjoy the romantic aspect of the movie.



William Jiles

I love the movie “Hellraiser”. My favorite horror icon is Pinhead. I think Pinhead is the coldest villain in movie history and he has a lot of crazy powers. I like how he tricks his victims. No matter what, Pinhead seems to prevail at the end. I also like the character Chatterbox.  He always freaked me out with his look and his freaky smile.

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