The Placenta Moisturizer

Eva Longoria and Katie Holmes             

use placenta cream as a moisturizer.


The Vampire Toxin Detox

Demi Moore’s detox routine uses leeches from Australia.

They suck out her toxins out of her blood.


 Bird Poop Spicegirl

Victoria Beckham uses bird poop droppings to form

a cleansing paste to put on her face.

She got the idea because she is an arid fan of

traditional Japanese Geisha Facial.



 Olive Oil Sand Soak

 Pretty hands for the Pretty Woman! 

Julia Roberts soaks her hands in

Olive Oil; to keep them soft and smooth.


Visually Venomous


Debra Messing uses snake venom to iron out the wrinkles. The poison is to relax the muscle around the face and eyes, a bit like form of Botox.




Loofa Hair Avenger

Gwyneth Paltrow brushes her hair with a loofah for volume.

It makes it shine, boost volume and reduce frizz.



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