Issue #16 – Homemade Halloween


It’s almost Halloween again and we all know what that means; COSTUMES!! If you’re like most people you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new costume each year. Circles haome ideas to help. Using an old, white, flat bed sheet, old flannel pajamas or a night gown, or some oversize clothing, you can make your own costumes.

A white, flat sheet makes a great toga. You can online to find step by step instructions on how to wrap your toga. If you togawant something a little easier, then maybe a Ghost is more your speed. All you need is a sheet and some scissors to cut out some eye holes and a hole for the mouth. Now just put over your head and you’re ready to scare your friends.



teddy-bearTake a pair of old flannel pajamas/ night gown, put oversize hair rollers in your hair, grab a coffee mug, house slippers, and a newspaper now you’re an old house wife. If you don’t like being an old house wife then maybe you’ll like this next one. Start with the same outfit and put your hair into pig tales. Grab a ring pop for a pacifier; get a teddy bear (or a baby doll) and some slippers. Now you’re a big baby.

With oversized clothing you can easily become a hobo or a clown. Put on a pair of jeans that are several sizes too big and tie them up with a rope or clownsomething similar and wear an oversized shirt. For a hobo, use dark eye shadow to smudge on your face and hands to make you look dirty. And for an added touch, tie a handkerchief to a stick and stuff it with bags.

For a clown, use make up to exaggerate your facial features. You can go online for all kinds of different clown faces and suggestions. Add a silly hat or a funny wig to complete the look.

With these suggestions you are given an empty canvas. You can use your imagination taking something plain and making it strange.


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