Having a hard time deciding what to decorate on those freshly baked cupcakes? No worries! Circles Magazine has created a Go to Guide for this coming fall holiday season, which is sure to please all those who try. They are fun, simple, and the ingredients are low cost.

*All cupcakes (except the Mummy Face) recipes below require a white frosted cupcake.



Items Needed: M&Ms, Black Gel Icing 009

Step 1: Place the candy on cupcake,

lining them in a row.

Step 2: Draw legs along the

sides of the candy. Be creative!

Step 3: Give the bugs antennas.



Dirt and Worm

Items Needed: Oreos (ground), Gummy worms030

Step 1: Completely cover top with ground Oreos

Step 2: Top the Worm, be Creative!









Items Needed: Black & red gel frosting Gummy Lifesaver 005

Step 1: Place Lifesaver in the middle of the cupcake and ll with black gel.

Step 2: Using the red gel, draw veins.







Marshmallow MummyMummy

Items Needed: M&Ms Marshmallow Knife

Step 1: Cut the marshmallow ¾ of the way through,

once near the top, once near the bottom.

Step 2: Place two M&Ms for the eyes in the top.

Step 3: Place one M&M for the mouth in the bottom.


Mummy Face mummy face

Items Needed: M&Ms Unfrosted Cupcake Flat Tip decorative tip for frosting

Step 1: Using a at frosting to create lines across the cake to resemble a wrapped mummy.

Step 2: Put the M&Ms on the mummy to give him or her eyes.






Oreo Owl 027

Items Needed: Oreos, ground Oreos split in half (total of two with frosting) M&Ms

Step 1: Completely cover cupcake with ground Oreo.

Step 2: Using two frosted halves of Oreos, carefully place them on the cupcake.

Step 3: Break one unfrosted half into two pieces and place them above the eyes.

Step 4: Using M&Ms, give the owl eyes..




Spider Web Items Needed: 041

Black gel frosting Toothpick

Step 1: Draw a small circle in the center, then a larger circle around the small one, and a larger one around that one so you have three circles.

Step 2: Using a toothpick, start from the center and draw lines, moving outward to create the web.

Step 3: For added fun create a spider using the frosting! (Optional)




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