There is an old saying that “everything old is new again”; that couldn’t

be more true when it comes to fashion trends. But where did these

trends start and why?


We think of sandals as just fashionable footwear but they were a necessity in past civilizations. In ancient Egypt sandals were worn primarily to provide protection for the feet against harsh, rugged land as well as the hot desert sand. Ancient Egyptian priests and the upper class wore sandals made of leather but if you were among the lower class you wore sandals made of reed or went barefoot. Moccasins were also functional before they were fashionable. Native Americans wore moccasins to protect their feet, while allowing the ground to be felt at the same time. They were made of deerskin and soft leather and were decorated with beading and hand-stitched designs. The Plains Indians made moccasins with a hard durable sole to protect their feet from rugged ground, such as rocks and cacti. While the Native Americans located further east wore softer soled shoes made for hunting and walking on soft, leaf-covered forest ground.Shoes-1

Weather permitting

Climate also played a part in the development of clothing trends. For example, light-colored, loose clothing made with light materials, such as gauze, were popular in ancient Egypt and helped people to be comfortable in the subtropical heat and extreme humidity. Ancient Greeks and Romans dressed in tighter multi- layers due to colder, moister climates. In the winter months they wore cloaks lined with fleece for extra warmth and looser, lighter material in the summer months.This continues to be a common fashion practice to this day.


Even pieces of ancient jewelry have been the inspiration of modern-day designers. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans alike favored large-scaled necklaces and neck collars made of gold and silver, often times in the shape of animals or intricate designs. Solid gold earrings, bracelets, and belts were made with colored stones and beads and were adorned by many Egyptian Priests, Greek and Roman dignitaries, and wealthy citizens.While function may have started these trends they continue to re-occur purely for their fashion appeal. Here are some modern clothes that are a reflection of civilizations past.Gold Rings

Black chunky heeled boots with colorful, Asian inspired floral stitching.Dress-2

Long flowing sleeveless summer dress made of light material with early Egyptian design.Dress-1

 Ancient Greek inspired V-neck loose tunic- style shirt/dress.Dress-3

Satin pajama shirt with Asian-inspired design; complete with delicate bows and stitching


Short sleeve dress with pattern inspired by both Middle Eastern and Asian designs.Dress-4

Eastern Indian inspired tunic with gold stitching and colorful embroidery in front.Dress-6



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