Circles Magazine had the opportunity to explore two large museums, The Nevada State Museum, and The Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Both of these sites allowed the group to see firsthand how some different civilizations lived, and how the first people built and settled in the state Nevada.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

history musuem pic1

When you enter the Museum, you are greeted by a massive sign.

history musuem pic2

This is a ceremonial mask that people from Africa would wear. What a huge mask to wear!


history musuem pic3If a pharaoh had something to hide, he would put it in this box and put his name on it.



The face of this statue shows how Egyptian pharaohs looked. Fashion has changed since the time of the pharaohs!

history musuem pic4

Egyptian Gods were believed of having the head of an animal and the body of a human! The combination looks awkward.

history musuem pic5

The entryway leading to the Egyptian Exhibit takes visitors back in time.history musuem pic6

An ancient kitchen had no dishwashers, stoves, or microwaves.  What you see is what you get!

history musuem pic7

The two jars contained the remains of pharaohs.

These necklaces were worn by men and women alike. The only catch…they had to be rich; very, very, rich.

history musuem pic9

history musuem pic10

Nevada State Museum

The first thing someone notices when entering the museum is the Nevada State Tree. It was massive!

 nv musuem pic1


The mammoth is from the ice age

nv musuem pic2


Since early civilizations didn’t have plastic containers and tin foil, Native American’s resorted to natural measures. Baskets were used to hold store, and carry food and materials.


nv musuem pic3




Early explorers of America relied on a very small amount of tools. With the amount of items the typical teenager has on hand today, there would need to be a carriage just for their stuff!

nv musuem pic12

 nv musuem pic11nv musuem pic4


This is a giant skeleton of a prehistoric fish. It would be a nightmare if a fisherman would catch something like this today. Imagine the size of the fishing pole.


nv musuem pic5



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